Kentish Green

Kentish Green

Housing TypeCondo

Intro Text: Minimalism is the art of living with less. Case in point, the modern yet minimal interior of this condominium. While its environment is kept clean and clutter-free, luxurious elements such as chandeliers and marble surfaces dress up the abode and bring an opulent atmosphere into this polished space.

The sparkling chandelier and beautifully moulded ceiling feature make a fine focal point in this room – elevating its modern minimal interior to new heights of style.

Handsome leather chairs surrounding the splendid round marble table make mealtimes more comfortable and inviting, while a wall of glass blocks infuse vintage vibe into this dining space as well as serve as a unique backdrop.

Polished bold red glass backsplash commands attention in this monochromatic kitchen – adding verve into the cooking space.

Only the most basic of essentials are assigned to this minimalist bedroom. Even the wardrobe echoes this aesthetics with a frills-free design that blends discreetly with the walls of the room.

Don’t be deceived, these surfaces are actually tiles that mimic the beauty of marble. Due to tiles’ durability, they’re better suited for this part of the home.

Splendour in simplicity: this bath space might appear simple, but it boasts details that keep the look far from ordinary.