HDB Blk 147 Bedok Reservoir

Blk 147 Bedok Reservoir

Housing TypeHDB
Location Bedok Reservoir

Intro text: Dressed in a super chic black and white interior theme, this apartment exudes bold modernity and inimitable flair. Reflective surfaces and glossy facades ubiquitous throughout the home bring about an engaging graphic display that never falls flat; the clean lines keep clutter at bay. The result: polished perfection.

Captions: Powerful and bold, black makes its presence felt in this polished apartment without being too loud. This room’s dark palette is brightened by contrasting white walls, floors, and ceiling – and especially the striking red sculpture by the television set. Who says black isn’t suitable for a small apartment? Mirrored surfaces help bounce the brightness from the cove lighting all across the room to give it an illusion of spaciousness. In
addition, glass doors ensure zero visual obstruction.

The kitchen is a picture of modernity with its ultra-cool combination of midnight and metal. What adds to its style factor is the lighting fixture underneath the lower cabinets, making this area appear as if it’s floating mid-air. A monochromatic colour scheme is never dreary when architectural shapes and contours are created simply by the art of contrast.

Hints of ebony surfaces lend structure to this almost all-white bedroom. It’s further enlivened by the colourful spines of the owner’s collection of literature and knick-knacks. A statement-making metallic feature wall by the side of the bed gives this room a futuristic vibe. This area is also strategically designed to feel separate from the study zone – ensuring a haven for utmost rest and relaxation. This part of the home proves that black doesn’t have to be limited to the walls and floors.

The insides of this handsome wardrobe are clad in this shade of allure – emanating sophisticated style. Although black takes centrestage in this bath space, grout lines in white provide the right amount of contrast to balance the dark and add geometric lines into a modern interior.