HDB 4 Room Punggol Drive

Blk 678B Punggol Drive

Housing TypeHDB
LocationPungol Drive

Not only does this unique industrial-style lighting illuminate the walkway that leads to the owner’s personal sanctuary, it also acts as a decorative element to augment the home’s cool factor.

The harmonious blend of material and form is showcased splendidly here. The clean lines of the dining table and chairs complement the white brick wall, while the kitchen partition’s distressed wood laminates and metallic pendant lights add to the space’s mix of tactile elements.

Nothing says industrial quite like concrete. For the television feature wall and cabinet, laminates with a concrete-like look are used in place of the real thing to infuse a rugged vibe into this apartment. This also spells less maintenance for the homeowners.

Black edged doors frame this home’s living space, while the lack of frills ensure maximum amount of natural light enters the dwelling to give an illusion of spaciousness.

The extended section of the bar table-cum-kitchen partition gives the homeowners additional counter space for their silverwares, decanters, or even jars of snacks especially for those occasions when they have guests over.

The Scandustrial style is impeccably achieved in this HDB apartment all thanks to the design expert’s clever use of materials and colour.

A darker colour palette is employed in this kitchen without comprising on space. The glass backsplash makes cleaning a breeze, while rustic wood laminates stay on point with the Industrial style. (They show off less stains too!)

Nifty space planning and an adept selection of furniture pieces ensure the couple’s love nest is abound with space, yet feels completely cosy.

To ensure the master suite boasts a similar vibe to the rest of the dwelling, laminates that emulate concrete’s look were used for the wardrobe. The richness of the parquet floors, on the other hand, offsets concrete’s coolness and imbues a warmth glow into this room. Keep your precious jewelry and timepieces neatly organised and within reach with a custom-made display cabinet that is as functional as it is fine looking.

As demonstrated in this master suite, the right lighting not only serves to brighten a room, it plays a part in boosting its style factor as well. The rustic barn-inspired doors that open into the bath space keep this part of the home visually appealing. Everything a homeowner needs in a bath space: plenty of storage space, a well-lit interior, and a sizeable mirror to ensure you start off the day right.