HDB 4 Room Compassvale Crescent

Compassvale Crescent

Housing TypeHDB

Intro: Embracing the warm and the understated, this home perfectly channels the chic Scandinavian style with its open-plan layout that encourages light to bounce around freely. Against a canvas of subdued shades, its meticulously minimal and clutter-free interior emphasizes simplicity and an aura of airiness – traits that are characteristically Scandi.

Tea for two please. This dining space is a pretty picture of charm with the feature light emanating from the back of the bench and pots of flowers peppering the area – all backed by the rustic charm of pale brick walls.

Soft furnishings such as the grey upholstered seats and floor-length curtains impart interest into a canvas of mostly cream and wood – without straying away from the neutral palette. The result is an airy space that still exudes cosiness.

A Scandinavian home is big on minimal ornamentation – as proven by this apartment that keeps things pared down whilst looking stylish.

Welcome to the Mr and Mrs’ domain. The entryway to the lovebirds’ nest sports a shoe cabinet designed so simplistically that one would fail to notice its functionality. A ledge allows the couple to showcase this adorable fairy lit display.

This custom-made bed headboard focuses on simplicity yet is incredibly utilitarian. It’s equipped with back lighting that envelopes the master suite with a warm glow, petite tables that fit each side of the bed for resting reading glasses, as well as switches that are handy for charging electronic gadgets.

Even the wardrobe echoes the same white and wood design to ensure visual flow is created throughout the entire home.

Though simplicity reigns in this bath space, the overall look isn’t lackluster as the warmth of timber provides visual contrast to an almost all-white bath space.

A study table and storage cabinets tailored to the homeowners’ needs ensure their electronic tools and things are neatly stowed away yet meticulously organised.

Nothing spells Scandinavian quite like a combination of white and wood. Here, the pristine countertops and polished glass backsplash make a striking contrast against the elegance of wood.