Condo – Parc Oasis

Parc Oasis

Housing TypeCondo
LocationJurong East

Intro text: Imagine coming back home to your very own personal haven every single day. In this resort-inspired interior, natural textures like wood and stone work beautifully together to welcome the beauty of the outdoors in. Warm lighting and a palette comprising cream and beige accentuate their splendor, while an emphasis on more contemporary forms keep the look updated.

It’s a visual feast of textures in this dining area. The array of wood accents that clads the ceiling, walls and floor envelopes this zone with the beauty of the outdoors – enhancing one’s dining experience. Who needs a getaway when your home looks and feels heavenly? This apartment enjoys a design theme that is reminiscent of a modern resort. What a treat.

Textured surfaces make merry in an interior perfectly curated to appear sophisticated yet feels utterly inviting. This abode’s entry way brings to mind a serene oasis with the assembly of stone floors, scattered pebbles, and dark wood that fills this space.
Decked with white furniture and pale wood floors, this balcony is meant for kicking back and enjoying the scenic vista of the outdoors.

The kitchen is kept pristine with white countertops that match the walls, ceilings and overhead cabinets. The lower storage space is clad in wooden laminates instead to inject a cosy charm into this busy room. Why fix doors if the view of the next room is one of exquisite loveliness? Luxurious details such as the sparkling chandelier and pearlescent tufted pouf atop a sumptuous carpet heighten the lavishness of this walk-in wardrobe – making dressing up a delight. Space is utilised even in the walk-in wardrobe with a corner reserved for the owner’s personal computer. In an ambience this opulent, working sure feels like leisure.

The bed’s headboard that stretches into an overhead canopy gives this room cocooning comfort. Notice the little nooks that showcase the couple’s photographs and personal possessions. Smart storage is when the functional table by the side of your bed magically disappears when you don’t require its use anymore.

Delectable shades of cream and cocoa infuse a comforting feel into this master suite, while ingeniously placed light fixtures only serve to heighten its calming ambience. This bath space adopts a look worthy of a five-star hotel and the serenity of a spa. Imagine
soaking in the tub after a day of hard work. The composition of mixed surfaces in this bath space elevates the utilitarian room from ordinary to simply extraordinary.