Condo – 6 Tao Ching Road

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Condo –  6 Tao Ching Road

Housing Type Condo

Intro text: Fronting the living room is a television console feature that forms the undeniable focal point in the communal zone. It isn’t just stunning to look at, it’s practical to boot with both a glass display and camouflaged storage cabinets. Although the communal zone is clad in monochromatic tones, the use of glossy veneers, reflective surfaces, as well as strategic light placements illuminate this space. A cluster of pendant lights shine down onto a dining area that’s as elegant as it is
comfortable to relax in.

A tour of this condominium reveals a chic contemporary-style interior that shines bright despite the palette of dark hues it is clad in. The minimal modernity of its design runs harmoniously across the apartment – punctuated by luxurious elements such as marble inspired finishes and velvety drapes.

In an attempt to create harmony within the room, the wall cabinets share the same somber shade as the television as well as the headboard feature. Purposely built with doors, they were intended to hide any display of clutter. Textured panels form a headboard that towers the bed in this master suite, while side tables are sized just big enough to fit the homeowners’ essentials.

Sneaky yet super smart. The door to the bath space was designed to camouflage with the wall. When closed, this area appears seamless. The cabinet’s wood-effect surface and the textured floor and wall tiles are a welcome contrast in this simple space.

Everything the kids need in their personal domain is fulfilled: a raised platform bed crafted with an adjoining study and display shelves to show off their collection of knick-knacks.

A wall-to-wall mirror gives enough reflective surface for the family to prep for the day, while the storage that lies behind the vanity sports more than sufficient storage to hold toiletries and bathroom necessities.