Blk 110A Punggol Field

Blk 110A Punggol Field

Housing TypeHDB

Intro: The popular white-and-wood design scheme presents itself as a main theme throughout this residence; an abundance of light merrily breathing a breath of fresh air into wood’s warm elegance. Although its rustic-inspired interior embraces nature, it also boasts a modern slant that keeps the overall look current and utterly chic. Perfect for the home dwellers residing here.

Despite the dominance of darker woods, this apartment still manages a clean-cut appearance – all with the help of the interior’s strong, clean lines. Upon entry into this communal zone, one’s attention is instantly captured by the room’s focal point: the streamlined television console cabinet and feature wall with an adjoining full-length display shelf.

The combination of handsome wood and white panels that clad this wall brings dynamism into the dining area. Slim wooden partitions instill a sense of quiet into this room without disconnecting it entirely from the rest of the house.

More than ample storage for her collection of footwear, and a cushy seating area to put them on. What more can the lady of the house ask for when it comes to the entryway?

The vanity area is clad in pale wooden laminates and white countertop, a cool contrast to the shower space that’s enigmatic with grey tiles.

Smart space planning means this master bedroom gets to enjoy plenty of storage space. This comprises a generous wardrobe for the couple’s apparels, and a display cabinet complete with light fixtures for the Missus’ luxury goods.

Interspersed with white, the pale wood accents in this master suite create a design composition that is ideal for blissful relaxation. Although there are elements of white and wood present in this bedroom, it’s decked out with a more modern look to suit the younger occupant’s preference. Two is better than one: especially when you’re able to cater to two individuals in a room that doesn’t compromise on space and design.

Crisp white cabinets pair beautifully with their light wooden counterpart, maintaining a clean aesthetic throughout the kitchen.