BLK 470 Segar Road

19 Segar Road

Housing TypeHDB

Intro text: Textured surfaces play a pivotal role in shaping the distinct style of this apartment as well as filling it with atmosphere. Possessing personality and tactile quality, everything from the wood veneers of the cabinetry and furniture pieces to the patterns that cover the floors and walls of the home keeps it aesthetically arresting.

Rustic effect floors provide instant visual impact in this living room – complementing the television console and coffee table’s weathered façade. Instead of conventional glass walls, the partition that demarcates the bedroom from the living area is equipped with a glass showcase to display the owners’ knick-knacks and that adorable collection of Jellycat bunnies.

A unique lighting fixture shines down on a dining table crafted from layered planks of wood.With a dining table this stunning, accoutrements are really not necessary. Tinted glass doors serve to separate the kitchen from the communal area – without closing off the cooking zone entirely.

Matte gold fixtures on a brilliant shade of blue makes a golden combination. This, coupled with those striking patterned floors, truly elevates the style factor of the cooking space.The walls that front the kitchen cabinets are dressed in a corresponding surface to create a cohesive space.

Adopting a nautical theme, this bathroom brings the seafaring experience right in the comfort of home. It’s decked out with wall tiles with a weathered wood appearance and interspersed with maritime inspired design elements such as ships, safety buoys and seashells to ensure it stays right on theme. Layers of surfaces bring the ordinary lavatory to new heights of panache – from the patina tinged tiles to the delicate swirls of the cabinet laminates.

Utopia for the sartorially inclined, this walk-in wardrobe is fully equipped with everything from shelving units and drawers to compartments for hanging ironed garments and the ever-practical mirror. Style-wise, distinctive textured tiles infuse drama into this dressing space. This industrial inspired nook may be little, but it’s the right size for the owners of the house to unwind – a la el fresco café style.