13 chuan walk (La Quinta Park)

13 Chuan Walk (La Quinta Park)

Housing TypeLANDED

Intro text: It is the magic combination of an artist palette of neutrals in a clutter-free open-plan interior that makes this abode appear more sprawling than it already is. But far from feeling cold and uninviting, this contemporary home, on the contrary, exudes an aura of cocooning comfort – all thanks to spot-on proportions, well-defined zones, and a beautiful mix of textured finishes.

With no wall partitions or other form of visual obstructions within its interior, the eyes can wander all across the house. But there’s nothing to hide because the entire abode is completely free of clutter and undeniably beautiful.

The living area is spacious enough to fit a sizeable sectional in – perfect for the entire family (or more!) to commune and make memories together.

Polished cabinet fronts in white make the perfect recipe for opening up spaces. A touch of grey, blue and wood tone adds a Nordic vibe into a cooking space any home chef would be proud to own. A row of contemporary style pendant lights atop the kitchen island puts the spotlight on breakfast sessions or the home chef’s masterchef moments.

This cooking cum laundry area gets a slightly different treatment with dark wood surfaces that echo the beauty of nature – that’s just a door apart. Wood is a constant theme throughout the house – and even in this bathroom. Tiles that mimic the beauty of wood are used instead because they’re able to stand up to water-prone areas.

A custom-made wardrobe fully utilises every inch of wall space here – and even allows the homeowner a nook for his work desk. This master suite is equipped with only the bare necessities to prevent clutter in a place built for rest and relaxation.

Marble inspired tiles covering the walls of this restroom add just the right touch of visual interest without steering away from the space’s pristine palette. Understated but never boring, the band of patterned tile across the centre of the walls shakes things up in the lavatory.

Muted shades of dusky blue and grey infuse a soporific effect into this dreamy room. The monochromatic look enters this bath space and makes a dramatic statement without compromising practicality. The mirrored cabinet provides storage space, while helping to open up the black-and-white room.

This bedroom may be fully equipped with everything from a wardrobe and desk to a full-size bed and storage pieces, but it looks far from stuffy all thanks to its pared-down aesthetics as well as soft colour palette.