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Thanks to Jerry Ng of Urban Design House my house has transformed into a classy, beautiful warm home. From the initial planning to the final completion, Jerry has always given his expert advice & helpful suggestions. He is always available whenever I call be it day or night. He even went beyond his service to receive delivery of my dining set when I was away. I will highly recommend Jerry to my friends & will surely engage him again in future. Thanks Jerry! All the best to you!

Lydia and Grace

YESS!! We highly recommend our ID, Mr Edward Sey from Urban Design House. He was warm, patient, thoughtful, dependable and dedicated and always provided us great design ideas, with practical purposes for our new home. We are extremely satisfied with his professional service and of course, our new home renovation works!! Edward always provided us advices, from a homeowner’s perspective. He would also provide us with prompt updates and ensured renovation milestones are met throughout the whole period. Edward displayed great professionalism! A Big Thank You !! Seek no further for a good designer, just head down to Urban Design House. As a new home owner, you may not have ideas to your new place but fret not, the designers there will sure give you ideas that you will like.. like not their ideas, don’t worry, they’ll provide you with more designs until you are satisfied. This is the kind of service you will get! Way to go, Urban Design House!!!!

Daphne & Kenneth

My wife and I were comparing between a few designers and we decided to engage James because he was able to come up with ideas and proposals close to what we had in mind in terms of design and budget. James is very responsive and we find him down to earth and reliable. Importantly, he is always reachable and will find ways to solve issues along the journey in completing the total makeover of our new home. Really appreciate his suggestions on many occasions to help us in cutting cost, ended with huge savings.

The Loh Family

Alex Lee is very responsible and responsive. He will share ideas, provide constructive opinions, discuss schedules and provide realistic deadline. The end results are similar to that of the 3D design with good materials and warranty. Price quoted are reasonable and aligned to market. Even after moving in, Alex Lee would go the extra mile of service to check in periodically to ensure all is well. I have gained a friend instead of an interior designer and we are still keeping in touch. We appreciate Urban Design and Alex Lee for creating a lovely and warm home for us!

Gavin Tan

First and foremost, my husband & I would like to say a big thank you to our ID Chris.

Like many others we went to quite a few IDs and our cousin recommended us to check out Urban Design/Chris. Ultimately, we chose Urban Design/Chris since there were good feedbacks from our cousin and we also find the price quoted was reasonable & competitive. Plus we were comfortable with Chris which is the main reason of our decision. Since the beginning Chris have good chemistry with us. He is very approachable, patient and accommodating too. He understand what we want and gave us his suggestions/ideas. Chris sends regular update on the progression of the renovation ensuring that we are aware of the status. We could definitely see his dedication to his job and his passion as well. To us, having a nice & responsible ID plays an important part in our renovation journey.

Overall, Chris is an ID that I would highly recommend. He takes ownership of his work and the entire renovation process was stress-free.

Once again we would like to sincerely thank our ID Chris and Urban Design for the wonderful home renovation, we were glad that we made the right choice!


Anna & Alex

Firstly before we decide which interior designer to pick, we make a few appointments with different IDs and ask for advice with our stated budget and also on a concept which we wanted, what can they do for us. There was one Interior designer saying that he/she will give us the “best price”, listed out quotations and give us a sketch drawing. When we look at the drawing, it was not actually to what we wanted. The designs were too simple and we think he/she didn’t cater it to our likings. And also we would say that “simple” designs were too “expensive” to our stated budget. So we have to consider the offer. The next interior designer we met.. we told him/her what we want and with that stated budget. This one is not pretty sure wether he/she seem interested and also willing to help. First of all,whenever we text him/her for updates, it will take a few days to reply us back and always gave us the reason that he/she is quite busy. As we discuss further, we ask questions if or wether to have this or to do this. The reply was, if we want nice and willing to come out “more” money, he/she can do everything for us. We were slightly disappointed and feel it’s a waste of our quality time to meet this interior designer. We decided Not to take him/her. While still looking for other IDs to compare, we remembered a friend of ours who was going to be our neighbour soon. So we asked which contractor did she engaged and also how much was her renovation. Hers was from Urban Designs. She gave us the email and told us if we interested, we can ask them. Thus, we just email and enquire Urban designs for quotations. The next day, we got a call from Louis Urban Design and we set up an appointment with him. Upon meeting with him, we told him our budget and also the concept that we wanted. He was very very helpful, he tentatively listened to our needs and at times when we need advice from him on what to do or if it’s necessary to have, he is willing to help and assist us through out. He promised us that with our tight budget, he can pull off the concept that we wanted. After the meeting we were quite pleased and we decided to cater him as our interior designer. On our next appointment, we discussed further with our quotations and he explained in detail what was listed down. We felt that Louis’s quotations was way better and also within our budget. Whenever during the renovation period, Louis is always around to see the renovation and will take pictures to show us when we were busy and couldn’t come to take a look on the renovation works. He will clear our doubts if there is any small hiccups along the way. The 3D draft design which Louis had did for us, realistically turned out well in the end. Definitely we will recommend Louis Leng from Urban Designs. Good Job Louis!


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