5 Lighting Tricks & Tips

Lighting is the only accessory that can be flexible enough to make any interior design seem Luxe. Consider design, as well as function, when choosing the right light fixtures for your rooms.
Now let’s look at 5 lighting tricks to make your interior designs more stunning.

1. Bed Rest Lighting

As it ever crossed your mind that having a typical lamp is way too mainstream. Try something quirky to spice up your bedroom interior. Try installing LED lighting on top of your bed rest. These fixtures will surely turn heads.

2. Cabinet Lighting

Who says you cannot have a fun lighting experience in the bathroom. You can utilise the space under your bathroom cabinets to bring in some unique lighting effects. There are several options available – strip LED’s, cove lights and more in order to make the best of such an aesthetic.

3. Creative Lights

Creative light fixtures are one of the ways to play with the ambience in an interior design. They accentuate the mood of the room.

4. Pendent Lights

Pendant light is a great way to bring focus to a room. They are certainly a centre piece. So, selecting the perfect one is especially important. The best places to hang your pendant lights would be in a dining area, or even over a kitchen breakfast bar.

5. Lights in Study Room

In order to make your interior designs trendier, you can install hidden cove lights in feature shelving units. This provides a nice focus on your study table or your laptop. It is essential to have proper lighting while studying.