5 Dreamy Bathroom Designs

It’s quite common to oversee small details, especially lighting while designing your bathroom. The balance of natural and artificial light, is vital while planning your bathroom
There are so many lighting fixtures choices in the market for you to choose from. Here are 5 dreamy bathroom lighting ideas that you would need in your life right away.

1. Combination of Lights

This combination of LED lights and pendant light – provide bright and evenly coverage over the bathroom. This bathroom projects a timeless look and very well balances general lighting.

2. Suite – Life

The hidden LED lights underneath the mirrors of this bathroom – makes it look like a lavish hotel bathroom. The texture of the bathroom is definitely a standout. The flowers in middle is a highlight against accents of warm colours and white tub.

3. Adequate Spacing

Though the given bathroom space maybe small, but our designers have made sure it isn’t a cramped-up space. Matching shower heads have been strategically placed, with a glass door dividing the vanity mirror from the shower. The lighting in this bathroom is decent and adequate enough.

4. Nautical Design

If you are an island person, this nautical bathroom design is sure to grab your attention. This robust bathroom design, yet modern has been entirely decorated — which is further emphasised through copper ceiling pendant.

5. Titles

This contemporary white bathroom with blue tiles patchwork was used in this bathroom to create an element of uniqueness among the average bathroom designs in the market now a day.

Hope these bathrooms design gave you an idea of how to design your future bathroom. The right design choices will make you want to stay in the bathroom forever. Stay tuned for Home décor design, tips and inspiration.